Alyssa and Colin | Haverhill Covered Bridge Wedding, NH

Often, my job requires me to go a distance to reach my couples. Most times, they’re out of state, and most times I show up absolutely in awe of the location. Many people might not see the same vision that I see and many people may deem the location not too photographic but in the end, it’s my job to bring out the location’s potential. Luckily, when I arrived at Alyssa and Colin’s wedding site, the location was amazing without me having to search. The family was overwhelming loving, and the location was overwhelming beautiful.

Alyssa and Colin-395.jpg

You're my Maine Boo | Ogunquit, Maine Engagement Photography Session

Over to the horizon, you’d see exactly what you’d expect while standing on the rocky coast of Maine. Far in the distance is a sail boat bobbing above the Atlantic waves; down the path a little bit just as you would expect, a lobster shack diffusing the sea- salted air with aromas of buttered lobster for sight- seeing tourist and avid wave lovers. You could see the blue skies, slightly misted and hear the wind carrying squawks by ambitious sea gulls hovering over a pile of dropped fries.

Beyond that… If you listened closely, you’d hear the laughter and quiet whispers of conversation between Meghann and Robbie. An occasional prompt leads them to dozens of photo opportunities and not just that, maybe even some quiet time to themselves, maybe a realization that in the coming few days, they’ll finally close the gap of being in a long distance relationship.

Uptown and downtown. 10 minutes or 3 hours. New York and Maine. Distance and time is a fact isn’t it, could it also be objective? If someone lives 10 minutes from you but your life is so busy and you can’t see them, it might as well be a distance of 3 hours away. Distance is only a test to see how far love can travel. If that love can traverse through the woods of New Hampshire, through the valleys of New York, I’d wager a bet that this test passed with flying colors. Congratulations to Meghann and Robbie. To your love, to your trust, and unrelenting spirit, you’ve found love, cherished it, and fought for it. Oh and also congrats on finally moving in together, house warming party!


The Unexpected Shot | Washington DC Engagement Session

Sometimes the most unexpected moments are usually the best. at around 6:30 in the morning, on our way to the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, for their engagement photography session, I saw an amazing opportunity as the sun peeked above the horizon. Abruptly I told my couple we needed to pull over (did I mention that we were driving on a highway?) because the light was absolutely gorgeous.

I’m so happy that we did because the images that came out were so cinematic and golden. The remainder of the day was riddled with inconsistent weather, ranging from dark clouds to intense sunlight. Although we got amazing shots throughout the day, I wanted to share this image as a reminder to any couple, trust your photographer! Sometimes our request may sound absurd like pulling off a highway for a quick 5 minute shoot, but with your faith in our eyes and experience, you could get amazing images as a result.

Washington DC Engagement Photography

They Love Wallpaper | Atlanta Botanical Garden Couple Session

She’s into media, he is a teacher, and they both love wallpaper. I met up with Kavi at a coffee/ motorcycle repair shop(right? so cool!) to chat prior to the shoot. I asked her to describe her relationship with Eric in 3 words and let me tell you, they were everything but the normal three descriptions I get from other couples.

The one description that stood out to me the most has to be crafty. She told me that they had this thing where one person has an idea and they both attempt said idea together. Their ideas range from candle making, diy planting, to now- wallpaper. What I absolutely love about this is that they make time to try new activities together. Both starting the project out with zero knowledge but using each other as support systems to learn, but also the occasional drive to outdo each other. Now that’s love.


(Lab) Partners in Crime | Ponce City Market Engagement Session

I actually thought the title was hilarious after sitting for 5 minutes recalling my session with Sallie and Jake. I should seriously consider a side gig making up terribly awful puns haha.

Anyways, look, you’re obviously having the same thought as me, this is definitely a fake couple. They smile too big and they hug too tight. It’s typical for us to see something excessively done or just a bit too much and deem it fake. This couple was more real than you pinching yourself and slapping yourselves five times and realizing your arm hurts and your face has a burning sensation with a red hand print to prove realism.

It made sense after walking around Ponce City Market a few loops and scouting locations with them. The way she clung on to his arm and the way that he embraced her, I’d put all my eggs in a basket and call it love. Not the superficial kind, not the kind that just comes and goes like a summer fever. Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone that your entire surroundings just blur away and your time with them just seems to slow down? That was this love.

The Wedding Rush: Notes to the bride | Venezia Quincy, MA

As the first wedding of the year wrapped up, I sat back and settled into a quick slump. Oh man, that was rough. I woke up in the morning with a ridiculous migraine but I pushed through. Luckily for us Bostonians, this year hasn’t had too much snow, but it’s left us cold struck to the bones. “Power through”, I told myself.

The bride was God sent.

Ann has to be one of the most sweetest, soft spoken brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Under so many time restrains and delays, she pushed through and maintained a positive outlook which did wonders for everyone working with her.

It’s understandable how stressful a wedding is especially when things are running behind but it’s so so incredibly important to maintain a calm state and power through. The ceremony will not happen without you, the reception will not happen without you, the day as a whole will not happen without you! Keeping that in mind, it is important to work with your vendors to help push important events during the day along but also to plan for additional time when working through your schedule.

Ann and James worked with us to create pockets of time to really be able to capture images for their keepsake and the result was so heartwarming. Cheers to Ann and James, as they trek through this new adventure as husband and wife, and may they always maintain positive and calm outlooks when stressful times arise.


We're All Kids Waiting to Fall in Love | Boston Harbor Wedding

It doesn’t take much to really find someone to love. But it takes so much more to find someone to be a kid with. Kids have the purest of hearts and a transparency that is unrivaled. The honest nature of a partner determines the success of a life- long relationship. Honesty with the most purest intentions comes to form through agreements and disagreements, but on top of those, a compromise that helps nudge each other to become the very best person; not just for each other, but by the standards of giving and receiving to every component in each others’ lives.

Through my lens, I saw a love, sincerity, trust, and calmness in Kate’s eyes as Jesse said his vows. As drops of joyous tears fell drop by drop from her eyes, a reality settled over me. It’s not quite emotion that induces tears, but maybe it’s the acknowledgment that every wall has just fallen down. That from this moment on, through any hardship, through any agreements and disagreements, a sincere heart receives you, no matter what.

kate and jesse.jpg

We fought and we loved | Sonesta Boston Wedding

No two relationships are the same, but they are all the same. Confused? I’ll explain. When Indira said her vows to Jason, her voice was strong and purposeful; her gaze filled with an overwhelmingly spirited glimmer. Her eyes glistened with emotion as she said her vows, “We’ve been together through good and bad times. We fought and we loved, and we never gave up on our relationship.”

No two relationships are the same. The experiences that each individual couple trek through are so different and so unique, the journey isn’t why we fell in love, but how and why we remain in love day after day. From the first moment that your eyes met, to the (accidental) time that your hands brushed. Or do you remember those blistering hot days in that cramp apartment?

But they are all the same. It’s moments like those that make each experience so different and to each their own, a struggle that was faced and overcome together. Although the struggles differ from couple to couple, the journey and the love built from the latter brings us to the same place. Not physically, but emotionally. We all come to a realization that we could not live without that person in our lives. That together we find more hope, more strength, and more courage to be the best that we could ever be.


It's the "in between" Moments | Glen Magna Estate Wedding

Everyone celebrates big events like holidays, anniversaries, weddings, a birth of a child, ahhh you get the point. But listening to one vow, it made me think about life as a story. Every story has a different complex. There are differences in the content of every literature, but they mainly follow a common sequence, which includes the beginning, middle, and end. As the bride went on to say her vow, she made a point that sometimes in stories you miss the details, the “in between” moments. These are the moments that build up to the climax of the story, the many little things that makes big events possible. Without the daily grind of maintaining a relationship, there will be no engagement nor a wedding. True to what she said, I believe that the key to their love story were the little details that he did for her and she, him.