Boston Wedding Photographer

It’s all in the process…

In a perfect world, weddings are easy to plan and will go exactly as anticipated. Realistically, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our job as your photographer is to ensure more than just your photographs, but your day run smoothly. You might not know that a photographer does much much more than just document your day, we stick with you from the beginning to the end. Here at Emse, we are a full function studio that will walk you through the process of your special day whether it be an elopement or a wedding.

So often now, you will find photographers that are “shoot and burn”. That’s not us. If you are looking for a number of images and/ or just digitals, we’re not for you. We want to walk you through the process of creating beautiful art that becomes a breath of fresh air in your home. The problem with digitals is that they get forgotten on a usb and or shared on Facebook once and then get buried behind all the new notifications each second. Our goal is to help you showcase your beautiful day so that everyday, a glance of your first embrace brings back a warm and loving nostalgia.

To help you further understand our process, please take a look below for more details!


Step 1

You’re planning to propose or you’re already engaged? That’s the perfect time to reach out to us. We’ll walk through the details of your special day and see exactly what your vision is and how we could help capture your day in the most artistic and efficient way as possible so that you’ll never be stressed and worried about missing your perfect moments with loved ones.

Step 2

After you’ve determined if you’d like to have us document your day, we’ll continue to work out details of your special day and plan out an engagement session to prepare us for the big day. This engagement session allows us to familiarize ourselves with you and you with us. Hopefully, we’ll become best friends by the end of the session. There’s a lot more that goes into a session like outfit styling, make up and hair, as well as the location. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you throughout the entire process!

Step 3

So we’ve finished our engagement session and you’re feeling amazing. Anxious, but so full of excitement! It’s a month before the special day and there are still some things to be figured out but that’s why we’ll have a final meeting prior to the biggest party of the year. At this meeting we’ll make sure that we have every detail down pat as well as any changes that have occurred- that way we’ll have a wicked smooth day.


Step 4

Oh my gosh, the stress is over, you’re married and it’s time to relax. Not the case for us though, for the next two months we’ll be working hard on post- production to ensure that your art is ready for you to view. We’ll analyze your plans to incorporate your memories into your home and help you determine if a print is fitting or maybe an heirloom album to be passed down for generations.

Step 5

We’re sad to have to wrap this up, but we’re now the last vendor that you’ll be talking to, and probably your now best friend. This last step is the final delivery of your artwork. The timeframe for this is around 3 months after your special day, we hope you enjoy your experience with us, as we’ll never forget you <3

Destination Weddings

Um… YES! We would love to travel with you to a far far place and document your free- spirited love! Elopements are personal and intimate and we are so down for that. What makes us different from other photographers is that we focus on your love and do not lose sight of the true reason of your elopement. We’ll work with you to create magic but also to capture that fire in your souls.

What are Destination Wedding Photography Fees and Prices?

Our destination wedding photography packages are the same as our normal wedding pricing. The only additional costs that our clients would be responsible for are as follows:

1) Airfare

2) Baggage fees

3) Hotel accommodations (typically 2 nights but dependent on the length of the event)

4) Rental car (typically 3 days, depending on the length of the event)

5) Vendor meals for the day of the event(s)

6) Per Diem: $45/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not on the events

How about elopements?

Elopements are definitely different than a whole wedding, so the pricing will be different. Please contact us for more details!