Photography captures a moment in time. Although artistically suggestive, it is honest, and at times, says more than words could ever convey. As storytellers, we not only document, but we immerse ourselves into your love story so that your deepest emotions become ours, and the most joyous moment of your lives are captured with the same passion.

Some say that love is the strongest language, and could be written and read in texts and/or said and listened through spoken words. But, what about those moments when you are left speechless and in awe? No words could ever truly amount to those moments where not only your heart flutters but your entire body feels lighter than air, while your lips tremble and your eyes smile with drops of pure ecstasy.

We frequent three amazing cities, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles but are available and would love to travel worldwide to capture amazing and breath-taking moments.

Love Stories by Emse

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