They Love Wallpaper | Atlanta Botanical Garden Couple Session

She’s into media, he is a teacher, and they both love wallpaper. I met up with Kavi at a coffee/ motorcycle repair shop(right? so cool!) to chat prior to the shoot. I asked her to describe her relationship with Eric in 3 words and let me tell you, they were everything but the normal three descriptions I get from other couples.

The one description that stood out to me the most has to be crafty. She told me that they had this thing where one person has an idea and they both attempt said idea together. Their ideas range from candle making, diy planting, to now- wallpaper. What I absolutely love about this is that they make time to try new activities together. Both starting the project out with zero knowledge but using each other as support systems to learn, but also the occasional drive to outdo each other. Now that’s love.