We fought and we loved | Sonesta Boston Wedding

No two relationships are the same, but they are all the same. Confused? I’ll explain. When Indira said her vows to Jason, her voice was strong and purposeful; her gaze filled with an overwhelmingly spirited glimmer. Her eyes glistened with emotion as she said her vows, “We’ve been together through good and bad times. We fought and we loved, and we never gave up on our relationship.”

No two relationships are the same. The experiences that each individual couple trek through are so different and so unique, the journey isn’t why we fell in love, but how and why we remain in love day after day. From the first moment that your eyes met, to the (accidental) time that your hands brushed. Or do you remember those blistering hot days in that cramp apartment?

But they are all the same. It’s moments like those that make each experience so different and to each their own, a struggle that was faced and overcome together. Although the struggles differ from couple to couple, the journey and the love built from the latter brings us to the same place. Not physically, but emotionally. We all come to a realization that we could not live without that person in our lives. That together we find more hope, more strength, and more courage to be the best that we could ever be.