When you think of portraiture and headshots, what comes to mind? I'm guessing something along the lines of forced smiles, outdated backgrounds, and probably an 80's lighting scheme. As times change, so should the corny portraits of years' past. What we aim to do is take on a new perspective of portraiture, evolving with time, evolving with the never-ending technological advancements; utilizing new techniques, but also retaining applicable foundations of classical portraiture. with the new.

Emse Studios embraces a new and fresh perspective in the way portraits are captured to showcase our clients in the best light. We incorporate our background in the fashion industry to further the quality and result of your images. As business and creative professionals, you work hard to get where you are and you take pride in self- development through it all, both successes and challenges. As real people with real personalities, you laugh and cry, so why should your portraits be anything but authentic?

Our Promise

Our company is built on the foundation of satisfaction. From your session experience to you receiving your final product. We promise:

  • You'll have fun, we tell terrible jokes.

  • No forced smiles, those are awkward.

  • High quality of service and deliverables.

Our Clients

Our clients are the best. They are among the elites both inside and out. They work hard for their goals, but also remember to make room for fun. They take whiskey on the rocks, but secretly love Piña Coladas. Our clients have high expectations, but that's what they deserve, and that's what they'll receive.



The Basic Collection is perfect for business professionals and applicants that require one look and one background. 



The Premium Collection is for business and creative professionals, that require one look and one background with additional selects.


LUXE 499

The Luxe Collection is for business and creative professionals that require two looks and two background for a variety of selects.

Notable Affiliates

We frequent three amazing cities, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles but are available and would love to travel worldwide to design media assets and capture captivating imagery.

Along with portraits for our amazing clients, we also design and create media assets that help elevate brands to a higher level. From simple product photography to fashion assets, we provide thorough guidance to make your vision come to life. We specialize in social media asset development, but have experience in building assets for websites and marketing. If you’re looking for assets to make your brand more cohesive and consistent, we’re perfect for you.

Check out our latest projects!

Campaign assets for Burberry

Working with Rue La La’s creative team, we were able to develop assets for Burberry products in a quick campaign for their release. It’s important that product shots fit in a story and with the models that were hired, we built a couple/fashion story for the campaign.

Menu and shop assets for Kyobe

We worked with Kyobe, a new sweet shop in Malden, MA to develop these assets for their menu and shop assets. They wanted to showcase the different variety of colors but also the simplicity of their amazing macarons. The creative direction was influenced with a vintage film and Paris cafe vibe. These requirements were accomplished as seen below!

Social media assets for Bep Be 7

Bep Be 7 is a brand new Vietnamese catering company specializing in authentic Vietnamese street cuisine. They reached out to us to help start their social media presence off with some food assets of their most popular dish, Pha Lau. We were given the task to create a few assets with the vision of evoking a feeling of clean, simple, and delicious.

Complete brand development for Said the Stars

Said the Stars is a spa product company that handcrafts all of their products and boasts organic products with no cosmetic fillers. After our brand identity meeting, We got to work to build their brand in the way that they envisioned it. From brand colors to fonts, we covered it all. It’s important to create a consistent and cohesive vision to ensure that your brand has a direction.

Being an e-commerce company, with a focus on quality handcrafted products, we knew we needed to create a simple, modern, and luxury layout for their page. It’s difficult to create a website with enough content for the user without making it overwhelming and ultimately deterring. We made sure everything a potential customer searched for was available for them to immediately view. Please view their complete website here, we’re proud to have built and continuing to build their brand identity through their social media presence and website assets.