You're my Maine Boo | Ogunquit, Maine Engagement Photography Session

Over to the horizon, you’d see exactly what you’d expect while standing on the rocky coast of Maine. Far in the distance is a sail boat bobbing above the Atlantic waves; down the path a little bit just as you would expect, a lobster shack diffusing the sea- salted air with aromas of buttered lobster for sight- seeing tourist and avid wave lovers. You could see the blue skies, slightly misted and hear the wind carrying squawks by ambitious sea gulls hovering over a pile of dropped fries.

Beyond that… If you listened closely, you’d hear the laughter and quiet whispers of conversation between Meghann and Robbie. An occasional prompt leads them to dozens of photo opportunities and not just that, maybe even some quiet time to themselves, maybe a realization that in the coming few days, they’ll finally close the gap of being in a long distance relationship.

Uptown and downtown. 10 minutes or 3 hours. New York and Maine. Distance and time is a fact isn’t it, could it also be objective? If someone lives 10 minutes from you but your life is so busy and you can’t see them, it might as well be a distance of 3 hours away. Distance is only a test to see how far love can travel. If that love can traverse through the woods of New Hampshire, through the valleys of New York, I’d wager a bet that this test passed with flying colors. Congratulations to Meghann and Robbie. To your love, to your trust, and unrelenting spirit, you’ve found love, cherished it, and fought for it. Oh and also congrats on finally moving in together, house warming party!