(Lab) Partners in Crime | Ponce City Market Engagement Session

I actually thought the title was hilarious after sitting for 5 minutes recalling my session with Sallie and Jake. I should seriously consider a side gig making up terribly awful puns haha.

Anyways, look, you’re obviously having the same thought as me, this is definitely a fake couple. They smile too big and they hug too tight. It’s typical for us to see something excessively done or just a bit too much and deem it fake. This couple was more real than you pinching yourself and slapping yourselves five times and realizing your arm hurts and your face has a burning sensation with a red hand print to prove realism.

It made sense after walking around Ponce City Market a few loops and scouting locations with them. The way she clung on to his arm and the way that he embraced her, I’d put all my eggs in a basket and call it love. Not the superficial kind, not the kind that just comes and goes like a summer fever. Have you ever felt so comfortable with someone that your entire surroundings just blur away and your time with them just seems to slow down? That was this love.